5 signs they may want you to quit your job

By David Lawrence |

There are a lot of ways that bosses and companies try to push you to quit. Some of them are subtle, but some are very obvious and downright despicable.

1. They will stop making any long term plans involving you

This one can easily catch your attention. All of a sudden, the company goes from micro-managing your life a year from now to refusing to give you a project that lasts longer than a couple of weeks.

2. They try to make you miserable... taking away something from your job that they think is important to you. This might be a title, a parking space, or that extra bump in pay.

3. They cut you out from their communications

This might be in person, such as ignoring you in a meeting, or they might stop adding you to group chats or stop cc-ing you in email chains. This is an attempt to make you feel excluded from the work community and also stop you from getting any advantages from the grapevine.

4. They're being more critical

All of a sudden, they are breathing down your neck and finding every possible thing to scold you over. Whether that's a suddenly far tighter clothing policy or higher hoops they expect you to jump through, it is another attempt to break your spirit. Plus, it can help them if they do end up firing you if they have evidence, even if that is very shaky evidence.

5. The best jobs just don't go in your direction any more

Whether these are the jobs that catch the attention of those higher up, pay you better or are just more fun, instead, all of a sudden you start getting the jobs so untouched they have dust on them.

While it can be hard to remember this in the midst of it, hold onto the fact that you have a lot of power in this situation. It looks bad for them if they fire you for no reason, so you could try and stick it out. But it might be a better option to use the time to look for a job and contact recruitment agencies. That way, you have the benefit of a wage and a position to buoy you up as you go through the interviews and applications to come.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.


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