5 Great Spots to Meet Candidates in Stockholm

By David Lawrence |

Job interviews can be tricky: job interviews in a strange place can be even more so. However, the modern business world now places much less reliance on having fixed premises with people able to work remotely, or in ‘pop-up’ offices. This can make it tricky when a company wants to tempt the best workers to join your business. Here are some perfect head-hunting spots in Stockholm to ensure that you get the best candidates lining up to sign on with you! When setting up interviews, you have a choice between a cool coffee shop for an informal, getting-to-know-you chat and booking office space at a hotel or in a conference centre. Here are five fabulous spots to think about when you need to have a business meeting or conduct an interview.

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

The complete traditional package, the conference and business facilities at the Sheraton in Stockholm provide everything you might need. From privacy for confidential discussions to AV facilities, Wi-Fi and video call capability to larger spaces for conferences or group discussions. The hotel is perfectly situated near the centre of the city, with handy transport links, as well as ready access to the delights of Stockholm.

Drop Coffee Café

Impress your future employee by offering them one of the best blends in the country, if not the whole of Europe, in an informal setting. This sort of meeting is ideal if you want to demonstrate that your company is a little more innovative and entrepreneurial than might be expected. You will not be able to put your future hire through all their business paces, but the informal environment of an ethical coffee-shop should give you enough knowledge about your interviewee to decide if they will be a good fit with your business in the near future.

City Conference Centre Stockholm

With fifty meeting rooms available, all in a range of sizes and capacities, the City Conference Centre in Stockholm is sure to meet the needs of almost any business gathering. Handily situated in the centre of the business district near the middle of the city, the conference centre is housed in an old building, dating from 1880. But do not worry about it being old-fashioned or ill-equipped, the building was given a comprehensive make-over in 2009, which has left it as one of the most desirable business-centre/ hotel venues in Stockholm.

Snickarbacken 7

This little gem of a coffee shop is just far enough off the beaten track for you to give the impression that you are introducing your prospective hire to a quiet corner of Stockholm, but in fact, it lies just away from the main centre of the city. It is a delight: combination art gallery, shop and café, with excellent coffee and delicious pastries and sandwiches should you wish to indulge in a working lunch as you chat.

Hotel At Six

This cutting edge hotel is right in the middle of business Stockholm, making it the ideal venue to meet high-flying executives to persuade them to join your venture with their unique skill-set. The hotel can provide all your needs, from catering and accommodation to technical equipment and connectivity. The modern architecture combines well with the minimalist décor and the bright pops of colour throughout the venue: ideal for presenting the image of your business as being forward-thinking and a step up for any candidate.

David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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