5 employee engagement apps for your growing company

By David Lawrence |

Employee engagement is key to keeping your team happier and therefore more productive in the office, and technology is a great help. If your company isn’t already using them, here are our pick of five apps to boost employee engagement:


Officevibe ( is used by some big companies, including the BBC. It allows employees to give you honest feedback, providing you with weekly reports to help you identify and fix problems before they escalate.


&frankly ( is a cloud based service which asks employees questions and uses their answers to give you a better overview of your company’s health, ‘taking its pulse’ as they say. It can be set up to report back at regular intervals, so is great for keeping you up to speed with your employees’ views.


Honestly ( is designed to reduce staff turnover and reduce the amount of time you have to spend on recruitment drives. It lets your staff give feedback so you can act on it before they walk out the door, so it’s a godsend for CEOs and HR professionals.


Beekeeper (htps:// is a nifty bit of technology and is used by some big names including the Hilton Group and Domino’s. It allows the whole team to keep on top of workflows and share information and updates, as well as giving them an online space to give you feedback about how they’re feeling towards a particular project or the company as a whole.


Peakon ( is used by Harrods, Nike and EasyJet among others. This app provides managers with a dashboard, from which they can measure employee engagement based on surveys. The app offers insights by analysing the language and phrases used in employees’ answers, so you get a clearer picture of what your staff are thinking.

Technology is being used to improve the workplace in all manner of ways, and employee engagement apps are a great tool for those in more senior positions. They help you keep a close watch on how your employees are feeling and thinking, so you can tackle any issues which might arise and keep your staff happy in their jobs.


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