3 indispensable tips to make yourself a more desirable tech candidate

By David Lawrence |

Technology careers are known for their security. However, in this fast-paced world of ours, it’s important to be constantly improving your skills and professional outlook to make sure you stay competent in such a competitive sector. Here are three indispensable tips to make yourself a more desirable tech candidate.

Always be ready to adapt

One thing that sets the tech sector apart from other industries is its constant, feverish pace of change. New technologies are in the works all the time, and as a tech professional, you need to ensure your skills don’t die out with obsolete software. For example, with the increasing necessity of cloud tech in every industry, many IT veterans are switching specialities to the cloud. Great tech professionals are able to adapt to change quickly, so make a point to continually think about where tech is going, adapt to movements of the industry, and sharpen your existing skills.

Hone in on a specialty

You’ll be a much more desirable tech candidate if you’re an expert in one thing, rather than a mediocre worker in several fields. Employers and career counsellors are constantly telling tech candidates to specialise, and it’s no surprise when you look at the current state of the industry. Sure, it’s fine to have a range of skills on your CV, but companies want a professional who can fill a single, specific role, not a dozen. As long as you’re not closing yourself off to the future of the tech sector (see above point), pick a specialty and stick to it.

Understand your place in the wider organisation

Do you know exactly how your day-to-day job affects your company? Every business, from financial management firms to farms, needs an IT team to stay competent in the modern day. By looking into the goals and processes of the wider organisation, you’ll be able to adapt your tech skills and development to suit the needs of the business, and in turn, make you a much more valuable part of the team. If you’re ever unsure of how your work affects other departments and tasks in the business, be sure to clarify this as a matter of urgency.


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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

David is the founder of Vine Resources.

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