10 ways to ensure you're next in line for a promotion

By Charlie Knight |

If you are still waiting for the promotion that improves your lifestyle and your income, there may be more that you can do. Getting a promotion can be quite a competitive game and it is difficult because you are competing against colleagues. These are people who you have worked next to for years, in partnership and as a team. However, you must make sure that you know how to put your needs first. Otherwise, you might be forgotten by your employer and remain at the same level forever. No one wants that so here are some sure fire ways to be next in line for the promotion.

1. Confidence Is Key

If you don’t want to be passed over for the next promotion, you need to make sure that you are seen as confident. Confidence is important in business, and it lets employers know that you are ready for the next challenge. There are a number of different ways that you can show you are confident in your role. However, you should start by showing initiative. Try to work without instructions or objectives being directly received. Obviously, this can backfire, but if you can show you can do this, you're going to be a top choice for promotion.

2. Stand Up To Your Boss

Be careful with this piece of advice. We are not suggesting that you confront your boss at every corner. However, there are always times when you think your boss is wrong. Perhaps, you believe they are going about promoting a product in the wrong way. Maybe you have an idea for a stronger approach that could be more successful. Most employees will not speak up because they do not want to forget their place. Or take a stance that is above their pay grade. If you feel that you do have something valid to add to the debate, you should speak up. Let your voice be heard, even if it means disagreeing with your boss. Make sure you are still polite while taking an assertive tone. You will not get in trouble for doing this, but you may be rewarded. When your boss does think about promotions, this act of courage will be remembered.

3. Do Not Create Issues

Employees that create problems for business owners will never be first in line for a promotion. Instead, they will commonly be seen as a liability. This is why you should avoid an accidental injury claim or any other problem that causes issues for your employer. Employers remember the employees that work day in and day out without issues. You should avoid complaining about the people that you work with. You do not want to be the person demanding better benefits either. These are the type of headaches that will stop you being considered. If you avoid this type of drama, you may find you are considered for the next promotion. Even if it’s just because you are more helpful than the rest of the employees in the office.

4. Take Pride In Your Work

Don’t take every opportunity you can to leave the office early or get out of jobs. Instead, try to take pride in your job and enjoy what you do. You do not have to be a ray of sunshine from nine until five, yet you should try to stay positive. A beaming smile is not necessary, but you should not constantly look miserable. This is particularly important if you are around clients or customers. Or, if the promotion that you want would involve you having more interactions with clients. Remember, as an employee you are the face of your company to any customers you interact with.

5. Pay Attention

You can not give your boss or manager any reason to believe that you are unreliable. If you come across as unreliable, they will not test you in a higher position of power. Instead, they will award the promotion to someone who they have always been able to count on. That’s why you want to avoid making mistakes in your job. In particular, you should avoid finding yourself in a position with employers need to be repeat instructions. Your manager should only need to tell you to do something once. If they are constantly repeating themselves, you might be lucky to keep your current position. If you do receive instructions and you don’t understand what your boss needs, ask them to explain it further. This is better than coming to them later and admitting you didn’t understand.

6. Be Sociable And Network

A lot of employees believe that their role in the company begins and ends at the office. It’s true if you work from nine to five and do little else, you will never be fired. Assuming you are doing a good job. However, you will also be limiting your chances of promotion severely. Employers are always looking for people who will go the extra mile when handing out promotions. If you want to make sure you’re at the top of their list, attend events outside of work. Office parties are important as our teambuilding exercises. These activities will keep you in the eyes of the boss.

7. Don’t Beg For Treats

Getting rewarded for hard work is one thing, and demanding rewards for you work is another altogether. In one case, your employer has judged that you deserve something for your services. In another, you are admitting you only worked hard because you believed a reward was on offer. Again, employees who do this are not likely to be fired, but they are less likely to be promoted.

8. Put Yourself In A Position Of Trust

If you can, you should look for opportunities where employers are in the position of trusting you. One example might be when your boss goes on holiday. If you can step up and take some of the roles they usually fill, you are making yourself known. They might remember this when they think about promotions. Particularly, if you do the job well and keep the office running while they are away. Remember, there is no harm in being assertive here. Make the request to fill a position left open in this situation.

9. Solve Issues

If you see a problem in your office, you should be doing everything you can to solve it. You should only do this if you know you can tackle the issue and not make it worse. One example could be an employee off sick. If they are off sick, you may want to suggest you take on their work in the business. By doing this, you are solving the issue of a missing worker. You are helping your boss, and you are making sure you are noticed.

10. Put In Extra Time

There is always the chance for extra hours in the office, paid or unpaid. Either way, you should seize this opportunity because it shows you have a commitment to the company. You are not the first one out the door, and instead, you don’t mind being the last one to leave. There’s a happy medium to perfect here. You don’t want to be seen as a pushover, constantly asked to do grunt work. If that happens, you will never be considered for promotion because employers will assume you don’t have the strength. Only offer your services occasionally, and typically when the situation is desperate. For instance, when there is an important deadline that needs to be completed. Employers are looking for people to promote who come through when they need them to the most.

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Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

Charlie has 3 years experience in digital marketing, helping B2B technology companies grow their businesses through inbound marketing before joining Vine Resources as Content Marketing Manager. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys travelling and the great outdoors, and he recently hiked from Mexico to Canada for charity.

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