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It's one thing to have a job title such as "supervisor" or "manager" but it's another to be a good leader. As you may already know, leaders need to have many different skills to be good at their jobs. They are responsible for teams of people, and those workers look to them for direction and help.

So, just what makes a "good" leader? What qualities must they possess? The following is an insight into what separates the best from the rest:


It's no secret that your team members will look up to you for guidance and to lead them in the right direction. As a leader, one of the best and most useful qualities you can have is inspiration. An inspiring leader is one that can help workers focus on their future goals.

Without that quality, team members will feel they've nothing to look forward to in the future.


As a worker, you will feel more confident in your role if you know your boss is honest with you. The last thing you want to do is feel like you're working for an unethical leader.

It's crucial that leaders set the bar in the honesty stakes. That way, employees will follow suit. The reputation of any business relies on the honesty and integrity of its workers. The leader of those employees has the power to manage an ethical team.


It's unwise to assume that one can plan for any possible outcome in the business world. Leaders such as managers and supervisors know that fact. They often get chosen for their roles because they have one key quality: intuition.

There will be times where one has to lead their team through uncharted waters, as it were. Because they may not have guidance on some matters, they rely on intuition. Workers will rely on their leaders to guide them through unknown territory and survive.


When you lead a team, no-one expects you to do everything within it. As a leader, you must be able to delegate tasks to the right people for the job. It shows those workers that you trust them enough to carry out certain crucial tasks.

And it proves to your superiors that you can effectively manage a team. Higher management doesn't want to see a mass exodus of staff because of poor leadership!

Delegation is a sign of strength, not weakness. It proves that you can identify the best workers for each task, and capitalise on their strengths.


Even in what might seem the most boring of industries, leaders are often expected to be creative. Why? Because they must deal with any situations that arise and think on their feet, as it were.

Sometimes leaders need to make quick decisions. Staff will look to their leaders for guidance in cases where an instant decision must get made.

Also, a good leader will also run through the options with their staff and take their feedback on board.


Perhaps the most important quality of all a leader should have is communication. We all use different forms of it in our daily lives, whether it is spoken or written. Team leaders must be good communicators. Otherwise, they could face issues like low morale.

Good communication skills also help to foster productivity and efficiency in the workplace. It's also a must when you want to achieve individual goals.

Good morale

Do you go to work everyday feeling blue and offering nothing positive to your team? If so, you can guarantee that team morale will nosedive. But, if you're always in high spirits and see the positive side of any situation, you'll boost morale!

Good leaders know that their workers are people just like them. Simple gestures like offering folks drinks or providing some snacks will boost energy levels. It'll make your workers more inclined to offer their best work. And your superiors will be happy with your team's productivity levels.


You may have noticed one interesting fact about people in social settings. Most folks tend to "hang out" with others that are confident. The thing about confidence is that it's a quality that doesn't just help you. It also shines through to others around you!

If you're a confident leader, your employees will be confident in your ability to guide them. After all; everyone will look to you in times of crisis or uncertainty.


One other essential quality that good leaders have is the ability to commit. When it comes to completing an important deadline, a good leader will get "stuck in" with the team. They will provide the help and support needed to get the job done. 

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Written by Charlie Knight

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