Increasing Team Productivity With Less Resources [Infographic]

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Is your team lacking the motivation they need? When you are running any business, you need to make sure that your team is as productive as possible. You will read many articles claiming that the best way to boost productivity is to bribe your staff. Starting bonus schemes and incentives might work in the short-term, but it's not a permanent fix. When you lack the resources you need for that, you need to find other methods to get what you want. Here is how you can increase your team's productivity.  

Set out clear and precise goals

Do your staff know what they have to do each day? It may sound like an obvious question, but it may help you highlight a problem. Often, bosses assume that their employees know what they are doing. There will be times when your staff don't have a clue what to do next, but fear asking you. When this issue arises, they will avoid the topic and do nothing. That will slow down productivity more than you can imagine. Ensure that your staff have clear goals that they understand.

Create a healthy work environment

When your team members enjoy being at work, they will work harder than ever. If you remember that simple fact, you will go far. You need to ensure that the office is a healthy place in which people can work. For example, you need to keep the team as content as possible. Show people how you want them to communicate with one another, and they will follow your lead. If you keep things jovial, yet professional, your team will thrive.

Cut down on needless meetings

Meetings cut into the working day. Sure, communication is crucial in any business. There is no doubt about that fact. The problem is that many people think that they need to reiterate their point over and over again. Don't assume that your employees are stupid. When you tell them something once, they should get it. If they don't, they need to come to you and ask about it. Never waste time having the same meeting more than once.

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Ask your employees what they think

Believe it or not, your employees opinions matter. What they think about you and your business is vital. You need to take the time to chat to your team and see where they stand. Ask them how they think the business is doing and what they would change. Remember, these people are the core of the company. They know better than anyone what needs to change. Take their advice - it might just save your business.

Praise people when they progress

While you don't need to pay people extra when they succeed, you do need to acknowledge it. When people achieve great things, you need to let them know that you value them. The moment you notice that an employee is excelling in a particular area, you need to let them know about it. Don't be afraid to praise people for their efforts. When you show people that you appreciate their hard work, it will spur them on to work harder in the future.

Tackle any obstacles head-on

When there are obstacles in the way, you could find that it slows your team down a great deal. After all, not everyone in your force will be a problem solver. Sometimes, people let challenges stop them in their tracks. If you notice that there is an issue arising, you need to be the one to do something about it. After all, you are the manager, and so you have the skills to deal with these problems. 

Team Productivity Infographic

This great infographic is from Wrike.

Lead your team by example

When your staff see you, what do they see? Do they see someone who comes in, does a job and leaves? Or, do they see someone who inspires them to work harder and harder each day? You need to lead by example when it comes to work. Your team should look up to you. More than that, they should aspire to be just like you. The only way you can get that type of respect is by showing them how to be the best they can be.

Adapt to new situations as they come

You can't predict the future. No one can. Sure, you can plan for the majority of things, but sometimes, you will get a real curve ball. When the unexpected happens, you need to do everything you can to make sure that you adapt to it. An excellent manager is one who can be flexible. If you can't change when things don't go your way, there is no way that your team will be productive. That means that you will waste everyone's time and money for no good reason.

Help people to learn on the job

When your staff come to work, they are not just there to do a job. Your team need to move forward and progress. When people spend their time doing the same thing each day, they start to lack any motivation for the role. Career development should be at the heart of your management techniques. After all, you need to ensure that people have a clear pathway ahead of them. If you do so, they will strive to work well for you and, of course, boost their productivity.

Show enthusiasm about the company!

Finally, you have to remember that whatever you do rubs off on your team. If you want your staff members to care about their roles, you need to show a little enthusiasm. Motivating people is all about showing them what their hard work earns them. That is to say that you need to be the life and soul of every party. You should inspire people to work no matter what. Only then, will you be a real leader.

Sometimes, your productivity levels will dip. You have to remember that is normal. When it happens, though, you need to make sure that you do everything you can to change things for the better.

Do you have any ideas or tips on how to increase the productivity of your team? Please let us know, below!

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Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

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