Emerging Recruiting Trends Worldwide [Infographic]

By Charlie Knight |


The latest annual Global Recruiting Trends report from LinkedIn shows what's in the minds of 4,000 talent decision makers for 2016. You can use these key trends for your business.

Some of the main points include: 

  • The single most valuable performance metric for talent acquisition teams is the quality of candidates
  • Social professional networks take the lead as the top source of quality hires
  • Employee referrals are increasingly seen as essential and long-lasting recruiting trend
  • Employer brand resurged as a top priority
  • Companies are investing more in employer brand efforts
  • Organisations in certain countries are investing more in employer brand than others
  • Leaders want to keep the talent they worked hard to recruit; employee retention's seen as a top priority

Global Recruiting Trends

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Source: Vine 7

Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

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