European telecoms ripe for the picking?

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The telecommunications market has seen incredible growth over the past few years and continues to grow and change at an amazing rate. As it changes, the skills and experience that are in demand in the sector change with it. In this blog we look at three skills that are currently in demand and why so many companies are looking to hire these skills into their businesses.


As consolidation continues in the telecoms sector, more and more businesses are looking to offer quad-play services of fixed line and mobile telephony as well as TV and broadband services. As a result, more and more businesses are looking to hire people that have previous experience working in quad-play environments. Quad-play and bundling of services is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and companies that can attract the top talent in these areas may gain an advantage over their competitors.

Video experience

IPTV is a huge growth market in telecoms. Not only are there a number of companies looking to move into IPTV as part of a quad-play offering, but there are also a number of companies looking to establish themselves as leaders in IPTV to take a share of this growing market. One of the problems IPTV companies are having is that because the market and the technology is relatively new, there is a lack of candidates with the relevant experience. This is forcing companies to cross train people from other areas of the business and ensure that they retain those who are experienced.

IT Security Consultants

After years of technological advancement outstripping security advancements, security is finally coming to the fore. In a post-Snowden world, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about security. Having products and services that are (at least seen as being) more secure than your competitors is now a huge selling point. This has led to a surge of hiring in IT security as companies look to make their products and services as secure as possible.

The skills and experience in demand for roles in the telecommunications market are constantly changing. At the moment there is huge demand for professionals with quad-play experience, video experience, and IT security experience. This is liable to change, but people currently working in these areas may consider changing jobs as the high demand has meant that there are currently a large number of very exciting roles available with some of the biggest telecoms companies in the market.


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Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

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