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Whatever your thoughts about Valentine's Day, the 14th of February is the day to openly declare your affections for those things in your life that you love. If you have fallen out of love with your job, we’ve put together a list of dating tips which are just as relevant when job searching. Hopefully they will help you find a role that you’ll love as much as your significant other.

Remember that true love goes beyond looks

It is easy to be wowed by large remuneration packages and great employee benefits but neither of these will make your day-to-day work any better or worse than it is at your current company. When applying for a job with a company, do your best to find out what is behind the company’s public façade. Look into the company culture and check websites such as for honest reviews from employees. Find a job and a company that ‘feels right’. Meet as many of the people you will be working with as you can and see how you get along. Being able to work with them is not enough, would you ENJOY working with them?

Be yourself - but not too much

In dating and in job hunting, there is no point in lying about who you are. Ultimately it will end badly for everyone involved. Lying is unnecessary, but there is nothing wrong with highlighting your good points. If you feel there are areas of expertise in which you are particularly well suited to a role, bring these up in interviews and highlight them on your CV. Do not use ‘being yourself’ as an excuse to make a bad first impression. You can be yourself in a suit and you can be yourself whilst being professional and these things are expected of interviewees whoever they are and whatever role they are applying for.

Don’t go for someone just like your ex

You broke up with your ex for a reason. Remember why you broke up when you look for someone new. It is the same with jobs. You are leaving your job for a reason and while it is tempting to rush into something new to get away from your old job, it is not a good idea. Each time you change role you should have a better idea of exactly what it is you are looking for and you should avoid accepting a role that isn’t right for you.

Love is a two way street

When looking for a romantic partner, there is no use in simply looking for someone that meets all your criteria. You need to meet theirs as well. When looking for a new job, make sure you are only applying for jobs where you meet the job specifications and where the company and role meets your criteria. Likewise, in interviews remember that you are allowed to ask questions as well. Don’t be nervous about questioning the interviewer to make sure that it is a good fit for both parties.

Look in the right places

120,000 people attended Glastonbury Music Festival last year. If you were looking to find someone tall, dark and handsome that had a particular love of knitting, chances are there was at least one there. However, finding them might take a while. You would probably be better off joining some knitting clubs and meeting them that way. In the same way, trying to find a niche role by searching huge, unwieldy jobs boards is often not the easiest way. Partnering with a recruitment specialist in your particular field or sector might yield better results faster with the added bonus of working with someone who really understands what you’re looking for.

Whatever your relationship status and regardless of whether you are looking for a job right now, everyone deserves a job that they love and these tips should help you find one. Vine Resources works to build long term relationships with our clients and customers so that we can find telecoms professionals roles that meet their individual requirements and that they can love.

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at Vine Resources.


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Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

Charlie has 3 years experience in digital marketing, helping B2B technology companies grow their businesses through inbound marketing before joining Vine Resources as Content Marketing Manager. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys travelling and the great outdoors, and he recently hiked from Mexico to Canada for charity.


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