Are LinkedIn endorsements beneficial?

By Charlie Knight |

LinkedIn LinkedIn has recently introduced a new ‘one click’ endorsement feature, the new feature that allows users to endorse their connections for a skill they’re listed for sounds useful right? But are LinkedIn Endorsements actually beneficial? How does it benefit you as a recruiter? 

Although it does make it easier to search and find potential candidates with their skills listed, the general consensus amongst LinkedIn Endorsement is that just about anybody can endorse a LinkedIn users skills and people tend to get click happy. That means family and friends could be endorsing skills but have no clue about what the person actually does. Random connections endorse people hoping to get the same “courtesy” in return.

The issue lies when their actions could falsely mislead anyone viewing the profile to believe that the user is more qualified than they actually are so when in doubt of how to evaluate a recommendation, there is only one solution. Verify. Contact the person recommending the person's skill set.

In order to maintain LinkedIn’s professional quality and keep endorsements from becoming overrun with LinkedIn users stroking each other’s egos, it’d be a good idea to only endorse an individual you’ve worked with.

Have you used LinkedIn endorsements? What are your thoughts?

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Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

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