Age discrimination in the work place

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Does age matter? or does your experience outweigh whether or not your age would affect companies image? A candidate's relevant experience is all that is required in a job application. This should protect both young professionals as well as older more mature workers from being discriminated against. Age should have no bearing on an employee's ability to perform their job but there are still ageist attitudes among employers, with evidence to show that employers often have negative perceptions about older workers, especially about their ability to adapt to technological and organisational change.

It's against the law for your employer to treat you worse than other colleagues at work because of your age but it happens. We recently spoke to a candidate who confirmed that many organisations have turned him down due to his age even though he had all the qualifications and experience. Once making it to the interview stage the candidate was politely turned down due to company image.

It's against the law in the United Kingdom for an employer to dismiss you or to refuse to employ you, just because of your age, unless they’ve got a very good reason. If your employer does this, it definitely is age discrimination. Read more about the law here.

An employer is not allowed to discriminate against you either for being too young or for being too old.It might also count as age discrimination if you are discriminated against because: of the age of someone you know, such as family or friends, rather than because of your own age.

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Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

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