10 value adds when using Slack

By David Lawrence |

Since launching over a decade ago, Slack has become central to communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Despite that though, the actual uses of it often remain limited to basic posting and file sharing, when it is actually a form of technology capable of so much more.

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Check out these 10 ways that you can get greater mileage from Slack.

1 Message threading

If people are replying to a Slack post with their own separate post, the channel can quickly become a confusing mess. Creating a single thread of replies using the message threading feature will stop that from happening.

2 Star the important stuff

Most company Slacks will contain multiple threads and channels, which can make it hard to find something when you need it. You can solve that problem by clicking the ‘star’ feature. This will highlight them for easy recovery.

3 Channel tailoring

It is unlikely that all company Slack channels will be relevant to you, but you can streamline your Slack experience by tailoring the list of channels. Just click on your workspace name, ‘preferences’ and then ‘sidebar settings’.

4 Automated check-ins

You can use Slack to automatically host check-ins, which will be ideal if you are in charge of a team. Set these up simply via a slash command.

5 Create specialist channels

Slack lets you create channels for all kinds of useful things. For example, if employees work from home, set up one for that where they can chat socially with others and share any problems or frustrations.

6 All unreads

Anyone with a busy career will miss stuff on Slack sometimes. You don’t have to waste valuable time going through everything posted while you were away though, just hit ‘all unreads’ on the sidebar.

7 Keyword notifications

Are you sick of being bombarded with Slack notifications? You can solve the problem simply by inputting appropriate keywords to restrict non-relevant notifications.

8 Share a donut

The Slack app called Donut picks employees randomly and encourages them to chat, which is a good way of remote bonding. Make it a choice though, as quieter employees may struggle with it.

9 Try a taco

Hey Taco is another app for Slack that lets you send virtual tacos to signal appreciation. It can be for finishing a difficult task or solving a problem, but it is a nice morale booster.

10 Customise your Slack status

Anyone working with technology will know that the notifications can be endless. Avoid burnout by customising your Slack status to indicate when you are out of the office.

We hope these ten handy tips help you to get more out of Slack.



David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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