10 secret hideaways for stressed out managers

By David Lawrence |

It’s tough at the top. It is perfectly natural to want to escape, preferably to somewhere the world can’t find you! How realistic is it for managers to “disappear” and completely de-stress, out of reach of even the most determined boss or customer? Find out below.

Everest Trail, Nepal

High in the Himalayas, where Wi-Fi is fleeting or nonexistent, enterprising locals have created a network of lodges and hotels along the Everest Trail. You get incredible scenery and utter peace, arriving via Lukla, an airstrip created by Sir Edmund Hillary's sherpas.

Hide in the Scottish Highlands

This vast canopy of mountains and lochs is not so far away, but the perfect place to go “off grid”. Luxurious fishermen’s cottages and farmhouse B&Bs let you disappear in comfort.

European Digital detox

There are “hot spots” in Europe where no Wi-Fi is a deliberate policy. For example, the “It’s Time to Log Off” 18th-century farmhouse, surrounded by olive, cherry and almond trees in Puglia, Italy.

French Alps Yurt

You could opt for a yurt break in somewhere like the Rhône-Alpes. During winter, they are only reachable on skiis or special snow shoes.

Canada cabin

If work’s making you “grizzly”, book a floating cabin on the longest fjord in British Columbia. Your only neighbours are bears, dolphins, whales and sealions.

Head for the Amazon

No, not the shopping giant! Take advantage of the enterprising "eco-tourism" opportunities in the Amazon rainforest, helping save the planet while you de-stress. 

Arctic freeze out

At the other end of the scale, eco-tourism is also big in the Arctic. Hide away with the area’s fantastic wildlife, pristine glacial landscapes and unspoilt cultures.

Fiji fun

If tourist-free golden beaches sound like an ideal escape, Fiji has some incredible island destinations untouched by commercialism. Swim with tropical fish instead of drowning under your workload.

Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales

Book into a geodesic dome at the Argoed Barns glamping site. It’s stripped down to the basics, but comfortable and completely off the grid. The views are awe-inspiring. 

Quiet Caribbean

There are still pockets of the West Indies where the tourist dollar hasn’t had an impact. The stunning island of Montserrat, the ‘Emerald Isle of the Caribbean’, is tranquillity personified.

Hiding away may cause more problems than it solves. But we can always dream!


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David Lawrence

Written by David Lawrence

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