What Disney will gain from the Fox takeover

By David Lawrence

Disney announced last week that it would be buying 21st Century Fox’s film and television studios, its cable entertainment networks and...

17 December 2017

Are you getting the sleep you need?

By David Lawrence

I used to think I got enough sleep but since having children and not being able to have a sleep in on the weekends (in fact any day), I'm...

12 November 2017

The truth about the candidate experience

By David Lawrence

Gerry Crispin has been in the recruitment industry for over 50 years and knows a thing or two about candidate experience. We got to speak to Gerry...

01 October 2017

What is Amazon up to with sports broadcasting?

By David Lawrence

"People love sports – it’s big, it’s engaging, it really motivates people, so I think that’s a good opportunity,” That's what Roy Price, the head...

27 September 2017

The future of Ai and 5G

By David Lawrence

I attended IBC in Amsterdam this weekend and it was great to see so much innovation in the Broadcast and Technology industry.  

16 September 2017

Telling a candidate there’s no news, is news

By David Lawrence

We were recently instructed by a large tier one operator in Germany to source a senior hire within their executive management team. During the...

01 August 2017

GDPR is coming – is your organisation ready for it?

By David Lawrence

Building on previous data protection rules the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) improves the security and controls required for...

15 July 2017

Interview with UKTV CEO, Darren Childs

By David Lawrence

A few weeks back I got the chance to sit down with the CEO of UKTV, Darren Childs. Darren and his amazing staff have guided UKTV to become one of...

03 July 2017

5 ways for candidates to boost their personal brand

By David Lawrence

07 June 2017

The next generation of women in technology

By David Lawrence

  What does the future of technology look like for women? This is one of the many big issues we cover in our brand new technology podcast – The...

25 May 2017