The latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence

By David Lawrence

Technology has come a long way in recent years - with some fantastic new innovations that going forward will help transform businesses.

25 March 2018

Why health and nutrition can be key to success in tech

By David Lawrence

There are a huge number of professions which now involve being desk-bound for most of the day. Take journalists, for instance. The scribes who...

18 March 2018

Can't sleep? Stop taking your iPhone to bed

By David Lawrence

In an age where smartphones are increasingly becoming an integral part of everyday life, it's easy to get attached. You may even find yourself...

11 March 2018

Getting a job in VR tech: developing the right skills

By David Lawrence

There's not much doubt in the tech world that virtual reality has the potential to completely change our relationship with technology - even more...

04 March 2018

Will China's big data social crediting scoring be coming to Europe?

By David Lawrence

Followers of world affairs may well already be aware of the decision by China to introduce a social crediting score for citizens based on big...

25 February 2018

The company benefits tech candidates really want

By David Lawrence

In recent years, workplace perks have become something of a trend, with companies in all sorts of industries – from trendy technology start-ups...

18 February 2018

3 indispensable tips to make yourself a more desirable tech candidate

By David Lawrence

Technology careers are known for their security. However, in this fast-paced world of ours, it’s important to be constantly improving your skills...

11 February 2018

Employment law changes in the United States

By David Lawrence

In the past, your current and previous salary history was a commonplace question in interviews in the US. The interviewer is looking to get an...

04 February 2018

Why tech's self-drive u-turn is great for developers

By David Lawrence

A couple of years ago, all the talk was about the imminent invasion of the automotive industry by the cool tech scene of silicon valley. As Apple...

28 January 2018

Three cyber security predictions for 2018

By David Lawrence

We've been doing some research for our customers and we wanted to share that with you around cyber security, which looks set to see some...

14 January 2018