10 ways to network at the coffee area in your company

By Charlie Knight

Companies and corporations are so big now. Due to this, it can be difficult to find any chances to engage with employers or clients. That is an...

10 October 2016

8 Ways To Manage Virtual IT Teams Better

By Charlie Knight

Using a virtual IT team for your business has numerous advantages. It allows you to get the service that you need at a cheaper cost. Employees can...

02 October 2016

5 Ways HR can work better with hiring managers

By Charlie Knight

HR and the hiring manager have an interesting relationship. On the one hand, HR is perhaps more qualified to know what workers to pick for...

27 September 2016

10 interview questions you should never ask

By Charlie Knight

We often think of a job interview as purely a challenge for the potential candidate. Consider the situation more carefully and you will realise it...

19 September 2016

How To Get The Most From Your Team While On Your Holidays

By Charlie Knight

Your holiday should always be something to look forward to.  It is important for everyone to take a break and if you’re running a team you want to...

12 September 2016

Why Poor Candidate Engagement Can Damage Your Company Brand

By Charlie Knight

When you’re interviewing candidates for jobs, it’s easy to put all your focus on the person who you might hire. Or, even just the candidates who...

05 September 2016

3 ways the PMO can help make the programme a success

By Charlie Knight

Running a programme for the good of your business is a testing task. It’s not something that can be done properly without the right work being put...

29 August 2016

10 rules you should follow in a hot desk environment

By David Lawrence

Hot desking is when employees don’t have a fixed desk that they use every day. Instead, they have to arrive each morning and take any one of the...

22 August 2016

Is Your Business Analyst Your Next Business Architect?

By Charlie Knight

By definition, a business analyst has one clear objective. And that is to understand the fundamental root of any particular business problems....

15 August 2016

Is near-shoring becoming as effective as off shoring for IT?

By Charlie Knight

Nearly all businesses outsource some types of services. For example, they hire an accountant to look after tax affairs instead of an in-house...

08 August 2016