Aaron Heera

Aaron looks after all things data related for our permanent positions supporting our customers and candidates in this market. Aaron has a number of years experience in sales and managing customer relationships in the retail sector. Did you know Aaron is usually found at Glastonbury Festival every summer and even made the front page of the BBC website playing a self-created game of Welly Cricket on the Legendary Hill.

Recent Posts

How data analytics has changed over the last 10 years

By Aaron Heera

We might not consider 10 years ago a huge amount of time. But in 2008, the world's biggest technologies were confined to the early rise of...

19 August 2018

A day in the life of a data scientist

By Aaron Heera

Did you look at a website today? Check Facebook? Text a friend? Many of the small things we do each day generate data – a staggering 2.5...

04 July 2018