Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Ads [Infographic]

By Charlie Knight |


On average it costs $2.85 to reach 1,000 iPhone users with a mobile ad. Compare that to a national newspaper ad, which can cost as much as $100 for 1,000 viewers. Obviously, mobile ads are a very effective way to spend your advertising dollars, but how does one get started? 

  • Determine who your customers are
  • Optimise your site for mobile
  • Considering using dayparting

Check out the infographic below for more info!


Source: Vine 5

Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

Charlie has 3 years experience in digital marketing, helping B2B technology companies grow their businesses through inbound marketing before joining Vine Resources as Content Marketing Manager. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys travelling and the great outdoors, and he recently hiked from Mexico to Canada for charity.