Employee Onboarding is One of the Keys to Employee Engagement [Infographic]

By Charlie Knight |


This time, we've found this great infographic from Learnkit. In their words:

"There is a measurable impact of learning on employee engagement. By providing effective training, you not only give you employees the tools to be successful in their roles, but you drive their engagement, which has profound effects on business"

Here are some of the main highlights:

  • 89% feel it is important that their employer supports their learning and development
  • 53% said they could do their job better if they had better training
  • 66% value learning over monetary compensation
  • 63% would be more engaged if they had better training and learning opportunities
  • 40% feel their engagement would improve if they had better onboarding

"Providing effective onbaording and ongoing training makes a big different to your employee engagement. It enables employees to add value to the business and feel good about their success. A strong culture of learning is one of they most important aspects to stay competitive in today's business landscape, because what get is a smarter and more engaged workforce. And a more knowledgable workforce is a powerful force!" 

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What do you think? Do you agree that employee onboarding is the key to employee engagement? Let us know, below!  


Source: Vine 7

Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

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