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There is a certain level of prestige that comes with working at a company’s headquarters, especially if the company is a European or global market leader. The little additional extras that come with working at a company’s headquarters can really add to an employee’s experience whether they are a permanent employee, consultant or contractor. 

With that in mind we’ve taken a look at the wide array of different coffee shops in offer at some of Europe’s leading telecoms companies to decide which is the best.

Liberty global Netherlands – Amsterdam

Wi-Fi: Excellent with great signal - 5/5

Coffee: It’s great to see such high quality coffee from a coffee shop that isn’t one of the big names. A great range and always good! – 5/5

Welcome: Always friendly and a buzzing environment - 5/5

Overall:  Great coffee area. Its modern feel and vibrant buzz makes this a place where you will want to stay and work or just take in the atmosphere.


Vodafone UK - Newbury

Wi-Fi: Excellent - 5/5

Coffee: Guests get free coffee from Starbucks or from the more artisan little tuk tuk – 4/5

Welcome: Great front of house team. Always professional, polite and friendly – 5/5

Overall: Fantastic coffee and you can charge your phone wirelessly. It can get busy though and you will need to leave time to find a parking space!  


Three UK - Maidenhead

Wi-Fi: Good but requires a login – 4/5

Coffee: A little limited in terms of options but on the whole good quality – 4/5

Welcome: The seating area is a little outdated and a number of the charging points weren’t working last time we were there, but the coffee area has plenty of space and benches too  - 3/5

Overall:  Good but for a company as big and bold as Three, it could be much better 


Three Sweden - Stockholm

Wi-Fi: Excellent but requires a login – 4/5

Coffee: Standard fare. Good quality coffee but nothing that goes above and beyond – 4/5

Welcome: You’re typical Swedish welcome; always with a smile! - 5/5

Overall: It’s not big but it’s friendly and you might get lucky and catch a live band on stage


Vodafone Germany - Dusseldorf

Wi-Fi: Excellent but requires a login – 4/5

Coffee: Great coffee with a wide range of cakes and sandwiches – 5/5

Welcome: German efficiency in a very friendly and welcoming environment – 5/5

Overall:  With some very cool seating pods for more private meetings as well as good wifi and a chance to check out the latest handsets, this is definitely one of the front runners


Proximus Belgium - Brussels

Wi-Fi: Excellent but requires a login – 4/5

Coffee: A proper modern coffee shop, functional and looks great – 5/5

Welcome: Still a feel of the old Belgacom brand; the reception seats aren’t that easy to sit on but the team are friendly and welcoming – 3/5

Overall:  Cool and funky with a great buzz


Vodafone Ireland - Dublin

Wi-Fi: Good connection but requires a login – 4/5

Coffee: Costa coffee. No complaints there – One of very few that aren’t a Starbucks – 4/5

Welcome: Friendly Irish welcome! – 4/5

Overall:  It’s good to see a non-Starbucks coffee shop at a European HQ and this one doesn’t disappoint


Telefonica UK - Slough

Wi-Fi: Excellent but requires a login – 5/5

Coffee: Starbucks coffee with one free hot drink for guests. Who doesn’t like free coffee? – 4/5

Welcome: Very professional with a great front of house team – 5/5

Overall:  Lots of places to sit down and drink your free coffee while you charge your phone and wait for your appointment 


Swisscom Switzerland - Bern

Wi-Fi: Good but requires a login – 4/5

Coffee: Non-branded but good coffee and offers a wide range of cakes and sandwiches – 4/5

Welcome:  Quick service and there is always someone available to help – 4/5

Overall: Great open plan area with floor to ceiling windows which offers a great environment to relax and wait for your appointment


And the winner is…

Liberty Global Netherlands

The Vine Resources staff all agree that Liberty Global in Amsterdam has the best on-site coffee shop across all the European headquarters that we have visited. With high speed, easily accessible Wi-Fi, a good range of high quality coffee and a warm welcome and great service from all the staff, it is a clear winner. Liberty Global is a great place to hold meetings, grab a quick coffee or chill out after a hard day.

Have you been to an on-site coffee shop that you think is better? If so let us know. 

Source: Vine 9

Charlie Knight

Written by Charlie Knight

Charlie has 3 years experience in digital marketing, helping B2B technology companies grow their businesses through inbound marketing before joining Vine Resources as Content Marketing Manager. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys travelling and the great outdoors, and he recently hiked from Mexico to Canada for charity.